Cargo forwarding

Forwarding of all types of cargo by sea and railway.

All kinds of freight forwarding by any means of transportation.
– we are mostly experienced in metal, containers, bulk cargo and timber freight forwarding;
– special attention is paid to reefer cargoes;
– the lowest rates for transporting ref. freight by rail transport in the CIS countries;
– exact compliance of the agreed terms and other obligations;
– good service quality and reasonable prices;
– quick customs clearance run by experienced customs brokers and freight forwarders;
– if the customer wishes we are always able to provide insurance to the stored and transported goods in reliable insurance companies at an attractive price.

Approximately 300 thousand tons of reefer cargoes are processed per year at our cold stores.

Reliable long-term contractual relationships with all stevedoring companies and governmental agencies at the port of Klaipeda allow us safely and efficiently reload and store various cargoes of our clients.

We operate so that the transport corridor leading from East to West and from West to East, has become a regular and reliable link.

We look forward for your cargoes!